“Seven taste tea” – Good drink after breakfast

UsesĀ andĀ the effects of seven taste tea Uses: tonic, blood tonic, detoxification, suitable for all subjects, especially helping pregnant mothers adjust the changes of the body to reduce the phenomenon of morning sickness and fatigue. Helping postpartum milk benefits, reducing dehydration,... Read more

[Recipes]: Lotus root and oats porridge

I met her at a macrobiotic store to buy food for her grandfather. Only know to be cling, to be advised … want what is best for grandfather. But for nourishing foods, it is very easy but also very difficult.... Read more

Recipes: Porridge of Glutinous rice, lotus seed and Japanese brown rice

Nutrients are a food material for processing dishes very diverse and rich. We are observant and actively combine each type of seed together. Will produce a dish of extremely delicious porridge, easy to eat and nutritious. Basic factors: sweetness, viscosity,... Read more