[Recipes]: Wakame seaweed green beans porridge

Wakame seaweed is a material that is no stranger to you. A rich source of minerals and calcium should always be included in the snack menu as well as the main diet of vegetarians. Wakame seaweed is different from Fried... Read more

The most trendy way of eating today

I have learned that accidents and illnesses can strike at any time regardless of mental attitude, precautions to be taken based on the condition or what you have. Strange things happen all the time and that’s life. They have methods... Read more

[Recipes]: Kombu porridge with turmeric

Everyone is extremely busy to start the first day of the week how to be effective. Going to the market to buy anything to eat,¬†all your¬†husbands thought it was easy but it was hard to imagine. That’s when the children... Read more

[Recipes]: Mushrooms porridge with dills

To change the taste for the baby purpose to diversify dishes and more choices for lazy-eating babies Changes often help children absorb the flavors of food more diverse. More sensitive and the baby will have an extremely standard taste. (The... Read more

Herbal milk – experience from people who have done it wrong so many times

I have experienced from the process of making milk at home, so I am very limited, hope everyone contribute more to complete My motto is to use Vietnamese goods but to understand the origin clearly because of economic conditions. Firstly,... Read more