The best cure is from eating

Urine containing both blood and pus is densely spun by the foot of incense and is as flexible as a ball of pus. Urine has a strong fishy odor. A day and night forced me to urinate 10-15 times and... Read more

Chickpeas & Pumpkin porridge recipes

This porridge is an elegant, gentle, sweet-smelling color of the young pumpkin cooked with its skin. Nut porridge that served with figs soaked in vinegar or radish soaked tamari. Mushroom floss or tender cala. Kimchi is all delicious. Mothers have... Read more

[Recipes]: Oats and peas porridge

The Mother Earth is so wonderful and majestic that it has created countless plants with extremely natural uses. Naturally, the rules for people to live and survive on the basis of plants. Science has also studied people equipped with molar... Read more

[Recipes]: Millet porridge with pumpkin

Despite its small size, millet seeds have a high nutritional content: Contains 75% carbohydrates (starch) Contains 10% protein Contains 3% lipids. Contains amino acids released by lower fermentation in milk and wheat. Contains the content of vitamins B1 and B2... Read more

The hottest method of eating macrobiotics this year

I doubt the possibility of healing and recovery with a macrobiotic diet. However, when I experienced it, I realized that I was wrong. Macrobiotics is a method of Practicing Nutrition, you need to experience, not just read books. But if... Read more