The easiest way to eat macrobiotics in the world

Many people think that macrobiotic eating is very complicated and difficult to understand. But in reality, it’s incredibly simple. The pinnacle of simplicity is how to eat number 7, only “brown rice with salt and sesame”, this way of eating... Read more

The best cure is from eating

Urine containing both blood and pus is densely spun by the foot of incense and is as flexible as a ball of pus. Urine has a strong fishy odor. A day and night forced me to urinate 10-15 times and... Read more

The hottest method of eating macrobiotics this year

I doubt the possibility of healing and recovery with a macrobiotic diet. However, when I experienced it, I realized that I was wrong. Macrobiotics is a method of Practicing Nutrition, you need to experience, not just read books. But if... Read more

Is macrobiotics as magical as you think?

If you have an open mind to experiment and discover the true value of macrobiotics, or diabetes prevention diets, it is also worth taking the risk of following a few dietary guidelines for a while. . The program is sponsored... Read more

The most trendy way of eating today

I have learned that accidents and illnesses can strike at any time regardless of mental attitude, precautions to be taken based on the condition or what you have. Strange things happen all the time and that’s life. They have methods... Read more