Life insurance for cancer patients: What is indispensable!

Life insurance is indispensable to cancer patients and is like a close friend willing to share the anxiety and help most effectively for patients and families. Please refer to the comments below to see the necessity and advantages of life insurance for cancer patients

Life insurance as a close friend shares your worries in the fight against cancer

Flexible use times
Life insurance is flexible, effective from the date of signing and extends throughout the contract (usually 10-20-30 years). Some types of insurance also allow owners to enjoy insurance benefits even if the contract is terminated, until the policyholder ages 80-90. This is one of the benefits of having coverage in your health care plan, especially to prevent the risks of cancer.

Share the financial burden
According to the Ministry of Health and the Center for Nuclear Medicine and Oncology at Bach Mai Hospital, the number of cancer patients in Vietnam is estimated to be 189,000 by 2020. The report also points out that up to 30% Cancer patients can not afford drugs. Life insurance will support many items on the cancer care and treatment list including bed, chemo, radiation, surgery, blood transfusions, prescription drugs, … Depending on the type and terms of insurance that different support methods. But the sick as well as the family will certainly receive the benefits of reducing the financial worries.

Life insurance will reduce the economic burden on cancer patients

Friend in the battlefield
There are over 200 different types of cancer, each with its own progression and treatment. Depending on the type of cancer as well as the time of early or late detection, the patient can live up to 10 years or even 20 years. During this stage, the patient continues to need medical assistance to maintain health and prevent recurrent or metastatic disease. Life insurance will be a friend with a cancer survivor during this lengthy treatment. Patients may be covered for coverage at any time, or as agreed upon in the contract. This will help patients fight cancer with continuous support that lasts not more than a year, which can last for a few years or even decades.

Share the anxiety
In addition to the daily fight against disease, cancer patients are worried about the future of family members. If they are the main economic backbone, not having the health to work will directly affect the lives of parents, spouses, children … But with life insurance, the future of people The cancer patient’s body will be partly secured by the inheritance of the claim beneficiary. This is also the humanity of life insurance, not only care of the insured but also their family members.

Life insurance is a way to secure your family’s future from the risks of life

Cancer can be an obsession for many people. Anyone or any age can get this scary disease. Learn to choose the right kind of life insurance in the fight against this dangerous disease offline!

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