How to treat skin acne!

I got acne again, for the nth time in my life, not a pimple, but a small red pimple that didn’t multiply or the red bumps were flattened but looked like acne. The reason for being so oblivious is that... Read more

How to eat macrobiotic – chew carefully

There are 10 ways a person can eat, including vegetarian and meat. However, whether salty or vegetarian, the first thing to eat is to chew thoroughly. If you want to chew carefully, you only eat rice with food, separate vegetables,... Read more

Nutrition experience on macrobiotic: Change spice

After changing from white milled rice to brown rice. Next will be to change the chemical seasonings with spices that have been processed in the traditional way. Or processed by nourishing method. Traditional spice. The traditional spice with fish sauce... Read more