The easiest way to eat macrobiotics in the world

Many people think that macrobiotic eating is very complicated and difficult to understand. But in reality, it’s incredibly simple. The pinnacle of simplicity is how to eat number 7, only “brown rice with salt and sesame”, this way of eating has helped many people feel happy, peaceful and transformed many incurable diseases. Knowledge about macrobiotics is sponsored by the website
The 7th way of eating is also known as the REAL way of eating, which means not to eat anything extra, other than the necessity for life, it is a waste, because during the time of eating according to the 7th method, we will get rid of all diseases. and there are many miracles. But also during this time, a great test for the sick, without FAITH and WILL it is not possible to reap good results. But with FAITH and an iron will, we will see many unexpected miracles.

According to Ohsawa, diseases do not enter our body from the outside, but they arise because they contain toxins that we have brought in for many years and years, due to wrong eating and drinking, thereby making us sick. Our body is out of balance. It is because of that yin and yang imbalance that disease arises.
To cure diseases, we need nutrition, pure food, not poisoned by artificial methods, not too Yin or too Yang. Only then will the body be in balance with Yin and Yang, and diseases will naturally be absent. Because disease is caused by our blood being contaminated by artificial foods. To avoid diseases, it is important to make our blood pure, pure, not contaminated, of course, no disease will enter our body.

If you want to balance your body with yin and yang, the best solution is to eat number 7, which means 100% cup (only brown rice with sesame salt), drink little water, and don’t eat anything. .
When sick, regardless of illness, if you want to heal quickly, the first thing you should do is to fast for one, two days or more as you like, but still do as usual (depending on your strength), so that the body can excrete all the substances. poison, then start eating. Eat less and chew well, chew until you feel like a paste, swallow, at least 100 times or more for each piece of rice. Ohsawa usually chews 200 times each piece of rice.

Do not eat too big of a piece, because that way it is impossible to chew until smooth, we should eat with a teaspoon is the most convenient. Because also 100 times chewing with a teaspoon is fine, but with a larger spoon, it will not be as pure.

In short, the more thoroughly we chew, the better, whether illness heals quickly or not is partly due to our chewing.

Note: After fasting we should be careful, should not eat hard food right away but have to eat it gradually, from liquid, soft, then to hard food, but liquid or hard it is important to chew until carefully.

Saint Gandi said: “Chew the drink and drink the food”

It’s a simple statement, but it has a very deep meaning. According to the Eastern philosophy, great people say very little and have no proof, so that listeners need to repeatedly reason and answer for themselves. And Western philosophy likes to talk a lot and must have proof, that is also the difference between the Eastern philosophy and the Western philosophy.

How to eat number 7 for a long time

Because suddenly we suddenly change our way of living according to a new framework, different from our daily life, so eating and drinking also need to be carefully studied and have an iron will to reap good results. Eating 100% brown rice with salt and sesame forever, afraid that the first step will be too difficult, it will make us depressed, give up, so when you want to eat number 7 for a long time, in addition to wanting sesame as usual, you can eat more with miso – fried in sesame oil, Tamari, aged soy sauce, sesame butter, brown rice paper, brown rice paper, roasted rice or mixed a little red bean paste (sausage with small beans) into the rice for a strange and delicious taste, meaning no out of range cup type. Should it be applicable, we firmly believe that it is possible to eat the number 7 for a long time with pleasure without any difficulty.

Weight loss

During the application of the absolute 7 diet, there will be more or less weight loss depending on the physical condition of each person. You can rest assured: it’s okay, being thin doesn’t matter, as long as we feel good about eating even something simple and meager: sleep well without dreaming; Working from the moment you wake up to the time you go to bed without getting tired, that’s what’s important

Like wild animals living in the forest, we never see them tired or sick

With a fat, rosy, beautiful body on the outside, maybe the inside is not full of diseases that are insidiously destroying our body, which sooner or later will appear to torment us.

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