Is macrobiotics as magical as you think?

If you have an open mind to experiment and discover the true value of macrobiotics, or diabetes prevention diets, it is also worth taking the risk of following a few dietary guidelines for a while. . The program is sponsored by the website
Despite the advancement of modern medicine, chronic diseases are also becoming more and more common everywhere. Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that grow together with a civilized and modern lifestyle. Like eating fast food, long-preserved foods, foods containing white sugar.

In such a context, scientists pay much attention to the life factors that influence disease progression. For example, since it was discovered that impaired insulin metabolism is the leading cause of diabetes, diet has become an important factor in efforts to control blood sugar.

Diets for diabetes control have targeted increased intake of complex carbohydrates including fiber and reduced intake of higher carbohydrate foods such as sugar. It is now recognized that the quality of the carbohydrate forms in the feed is as important as the quantity. Furthermore, foods that contain high-quality carbohydrates have another benefit, which is low in fat and cholesterol, so they also help prevent heart disease.

Carbohydrates are the collective name for a range of organic compounds found in many major human foods, including fibre, starches and sugars, whose molecular formula consists of one, two, or chains of simple sugar molecules. link together.

The macrobiotic diet is very similar to the guidelines issued by the Vietnam Diabetes Association to officially apply to diabetes to prevent or control blood sugar. Which recommends a nutritional regimen including brown cups, beans, vegetables – tubers – fruits…

If you have an open mind to experiment and discover the true value of macrobiotics, or diabetes prevention diets, it is also worth taking the risk of following a few dietary guidelines for a while. . 10-30 days is a time for you to evaluate the changes that nutrition changes the blood, metabolism of cells and the effects it has on the body.
A diet that can provide enough sugar and sweeteners is important. In the 5 types of flavors, salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter – foods with sweet taste occupy an important position, up to 60-70% of the daily diet. To have a balanced and healthy body, we should choose to eat whole grains, sweet vegetables (such as carrots, onions, cabbage, radishes, pumpkin and cauliflower…) Fruit is in season because it contains the best sugar for the body and complex sugars in starch are better than simple sugars in honey and fruit.

Type I diabetes (diabetes) and dysglycemia (or type II diabetes, hypoglycemia) are both caused by refined sugar. Replacing it with the sweetener of brown rice, vegetables and fruits will help prevent complications, and overall, such a conservative treatment is much more economical than other preventive measures.

It will take some time to get used to the new balanced diet, and cravings for other foods with refined sugars may increase. Pay close attention to the food you eat every day, use malt, rice syrup and other sources of complex substances to quench your cravings.
1. Eat brown rice with the ratio of 95% rice + 5% sesame salt or vegetables (steamed or fried dry) 5%.

2. Drink a little water, take each sip of water for three minutes before drinking, when swallowing saliva, it helps to reduce thirst a lot. Drinking a lot, people with yin disease take a long time to heal.

3. The secret to treating serious diseases, we alternately eat according to menu number 7 a week and then fast for 1-2 days (drink brown rice water or fast as possible).

4. Frequently used foods
Steamed or cooked pumpkin is very good because it has the effect of reducing sugar (if not accompanied by complications such as kidney failure, arthritis …)
Bitter gourd (bitter gourd) pressed or ground is very good to drink, can also cook soup, if there are no other diseases attached.
Sausage with small beans (small red beans, lentils, peas can be stewed with soy sauce or sprinkled with sesame salt, chewed thoroughly is also recommended food)
Other foods are garlic, spirulina algae. Especially Jiaogulan, lowers blood sugar up to 36% and inhibits sugar increase up to 63%.

5. Drinking water:
It is recommended to drink brown rice tea, roasted with red beans, in addition to its therapeutic effect, this type of water also regulates body temperature, helps digestion, except for diarrhea (add a little salt) to treat joint pain, urine phlegm, and insomnia. , nephritis and especially for kidney.
Drink with nourishing soup, one hour apart each time to promote the effect of diabetes and also reduce complications of diabetes such as atherosclerosis, kidney failure, arthritis.

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