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I have learned that accidents and illnesses can strike at any time regardless of mental attitude, precautions to be taken based on the condition or what you have. Strange things happen all the time and that’s life. They have methods for dealing with imbalance and dissonance. Treatments include diet; herbal therapy; movement therapy such as Tai Chi and Qigong; there are also treatments to regulate inner energy such as acupressure, acupuncture, massage; meditation and prayer. The multidimensional approach has been used in Japan for more than 3,000 years. Information sponsored by website
The idea that one diet is enough to cure disease is true only when the imbalance is caused solely by the diet. If you never had a headache, drank half a bottle of red wine at once, and woke up with a headache the next morning, we can correctly say that alcohol is the cause. Stop drinking and your headache will be gone. However, if you have recurring headaches and don’t drink at all, there could be many reasons. The causes may be dietary, emotional and/or natural environment. Do you feel the dilemma? The cause is not always clear. We have to look at many aspects including lifestyle and fix the things that cause the imbalance – unfortunately this is not easy.

In the field of dietary and herbal healing there is a concept called Suzu. This means “to strengthen what is correct”. The term is applied specifically to herbal and nutritional therapies whose purpose is to improve physical integrity and build resistance, thereby promoting health and longevity. This method is used to prevent as well as treat specific diseases. Simply put, the use of foods and herbs to prevent imbalances from arising. In my opinion, this is a great concept and especially practical for life.

The mechanisms by which food and herbs are used to nourish and protect the body are simple. The energy of food is called Food Qi or Nutrients or Essences (of Food). This food is transformed by the stomach and assimilated by the spleen to become the basis of Titi, Moisture and Blood that nourish the body. As long as Food Essences are available to generate Titi, Moisture and Blood, the body remains healthy and can store extra energy for use in times of stress and when needed. This whole process depends on the body’s ability to process food.
If there is a problem with the stomach, pancreas, duodenum, liver, gallbladder, bladder, small intestine or large intestine, how can the body get energy from food? The reality is that about 85% of the people that I see in fact have problems in one or more agencies. Only if you eat it, you can’t convert it. This is especially true for patients with cancer, environmental allergies and chronic fatigue.

It is for this reason that I have enlisted the help of several people to get the job done. If I limit myself to just using a client diet that won’t be enough. Have you ever met people who eat macrobiotics and lose weight?

After six months of adopting a “healthy macrobiotic diet”, many people may experience difficulty breathing, difficulty walking, poor health, muscle loss, and weight loss. Often they are told that the body is eliminating toxins. While detoxification is a real phenomenon, and I believe these people are not detoxing, their bodies are starving. It’s horrifying that they equate emaciation with macrobiotic healing because they’re clearly not the same thing.

One of the advantages of Japanese reflexology (shiatsu) with its abdominal palpation is its ability to clearly assess the condition of internal organs. Examination clearly shows that most of the sick people are not able to digest and absorb the main foods of the macrobiotic diet. The fact is that they have difficulty digesting all foods. It is for this reason that they prefer simple foods like sugar and fat.

Over the past fourteen years, several macrobiotic consultants, including myself, have introduced a softer macrobiotic lifestyle. In addition to less salt, less cooking time, eating fresh foods with a large percentage of vegetables, emphasis on exercise, outside treatments, specially formulated products and appeared to recommend for the recovery.

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