Macrobiotics – important things to note

I have faith that each of us has a mission to fulfill in this life. It is also a reason why we are here on earth. When we were children, purpose and reason were unimportant. We do exist and if we are lucky enough to be who we are and maybe even learn something about life. We are lucky if we have kind parents, a great environment and some interesting life experiences. In our experience, we grow up to realize that in addition to taking care of ourselves, we also benefit from helping others. It is in my opinion that it is useful to learn the means necessary for survival and then to share these means with others. The concept of survival has expanded and become more important with each passing year.

When I was first introduced to Macrobiotics more than 20 years ago, the lecture emphasized responsibility and self-care. At the same time I was reminded that we are all part of nature and must obey the laws of nature. In fact, disease teaches us the mechanism of adjustment when the laws of nature have been violated.
Over the years there has been a gradual decline in interest in the fundamentals of macrobiotics as more attention has been paid to its practical application. In other words, the teaching of theory has been overshadowed by the particularly technical aspect of cooking. These days most people want to know what to eat and what not to eat as the main content and forget about the theory behind those decisions. The irony is that most people don’t do rote even after they’ve asked for it. Usually, today’s macrobiotic questioner prefers a prescription, to replace the old drug treatment with the new “food treatment” style.

Until recently many macrobiotic enthusiasts said “OK”. The unfortunate ones are those who are not exposed to an active diet, nor do they practice macrobiotics. While about 99.9% of people exposed to macrobiotics don’t practice macrobiotics exactly the way the manual says, this doesn’t mean they’re doing it wrong. In fact, I believe that practitioners should experience many failures. The reason is that there is no single book that can accurately prescribe for any one individual. Each person is a unique individual and must be adjusted to suit their body, which cannot be presented in books. You can see the limitations of writing, if you try to write down what you should eat and why. There will be something suitable or “special” for you, but it may not be the same for everyone else.

The point is, macrobiotic principles have been developed as guidelines and are recommended to be applied as such. If you read the books of Nataba you will find many reports explaining this matter. Some of his articles guarantee recovery from illness within 10 days with a diet consisting only of brown rice. In other writings, he claims that attitudes, especially arrogance, will produce the lowest state of health regardless of diet. At one point he said that yin foods are the biggest cause of harm to health, while at the later he said he needed to drink whiskey and take medicine (both considered yin substances) because His body became too yang. This raises many questions, including: “Is a healthy diet or attitude more important?”

No doubt Nataba was a visionary and fanatic. Apparently people either loved or hated him. I think he finds his role challenging and stimulating. Accuracy in lecture is less important than morale. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with this approach. But we must remember this is Nataba’s personal style.

With these outlandish statements, however, Nataba was consistent in his teaching to emphasize that the aim of macrobiotics is the pursuit of freedom. Does the practice of macrobiotics lead to freedom? In the pursuit of freedom, a diet of whole grains, vegetables, and miso soup, occasionally with legumes, fruits, and nuts is sufficient to achieve a goal. ? In the past 20 years with more than 8,000 people I have consulted, the answer has been “No! not so.”
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