Macrobiotics is the best cure

Sickness is a pain that everyone suffers more or less. I, too, unfortunately suffer from many severe and difficult-to-treat diseases, because I have spent a lot of money without reducing it. The program is sponsored by the website

My life is very sad, when I was 13 years old, I became BLUE like someone who lost blood. About 2 years later, she had a severe abdominal pain that she had never seen since childhood, so she had to see Dr. G shine. The doctor told me I have a SUCKED liver. After a period of treatment, there is a slight improvement, but then the disease is still cured. Since then, other symptoms have emerged, such as Swelling of the Kidneys (Urine with egg white), Very little pee, Puffy face, Swollen as a woman is full at birth. Therefore, I have to take a lot of zinat pills regularly. Whenever I drink a lot of water without taking medicine, my face will swell up again. Just like that, severe abdominal pain about once every 5 months thought death, if not injected with pain control medicine. The face is always full for almost 2 years. While running from one doctor to another, this man said that he made a lot of profit, the other said that his kidneys were weak, he treated all the money continuously but the disease did not get better, and other diseases such as EATING INDIGRESSIVE, CONTINUOUSLY FIRED, even even DI TINH disease again. Because the disease is too much, but the drug money is not enough, so every day it gets worse, almost chronic. Every day I have to take many types of Western medicine according to each condition and every night I inject an average of 2 to 3 shots in a row for many months, so my skin becomes thick, it is very difficult to inject because the needle is often bent.

My family is a civil servant who has little money but suffers from many incurable diseases, so I just built a public hospital to try it out. After many visits and urine tests, they gave me antibiotics and other things for 2 months. However, albumin in the urine at the end of life, did not achieve a satisfactory result.

Because of injecting too many antibiotics, my body is dark and melasma, my face is full of ACNE, KIT, and CONTINUOUS POSITION. Then add the complications of liver pain such as tingling in the joints, fatigue in the muscles… Just like that, from disease to disease, tormenting day and night without money, I felt like a living person. excess. Sometimes, I want to sleep forever, never wake up again. Life is no longer interesting!

At that time of depression, Harry showed the Brown Rice Method with Sesame Salt, along with the loan of two books. Reluctantly along the way, I practiced according to the book. When practicing method number 7 thoroughly for about 15 days, the disease is clearly reduced. Because of the lack of research, I don’t distinguish between yin and yang, which one should be used, which one should be avoided, moreover thinking that’s over, again in the hot summer, i crave water and sugar like a challenge to BRIDGENE, Does FULL EYE recur again? Then the illness returned, but slightly. Sometimes the face is full, the heart is small, or the dysentery lasts for more than 1 year. Having prepared the New Nutrition Method, which was given to me by Mr. Harry, I thoroughly researched and applied it with the 7th diet for 3 months in a row. Now the disease is completely gone. What a wonderful method.

My life now is not sad, happy with a cup of brown rice with salt and sesame, consider it enough, no need anymore…

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